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By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

The holiday season Bottega Veneta goes postal with an accessory range shown off in a cornucopia of stainless steel mailboxes. Like Dior’s recent holiday film, the firm leverages advances in animation technology to bring their offerings to life. Yet the result is as cold as the stainless mailboxes on display.

It’s hard to take this campaign literally and we won’t spend time debating if they are attempting to say the offering is purchasable online to arrive in your mailbox or not. The mailboxes were obviously just a vehicle to show off the accessory range with each item being unveiling as the lids open. However the medium is animation, which by its very definition should be animated, in motion, and limited only by ones imagination. Dior understood this building an ‘enchanting factory’ full of pixie dust and golden steam engines with their fragrances shooting out of their factory to become fireworks. Here, a mailbox opens to unveil a wallet that looks like it was awfully hard to replicate digitally.  The result feels as outdated as the slogan “You’ve got Mail.”