Brandon Maxwell Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

Brandon Maxwell

Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

Last March Brandon Maxwell took his team on a self-imposed exile to Marfa Texas to escape the hustle and bustle of Manhattan and design the spring 2019 collection. It would appear that a little bit of Texas came home with the designer and fiancé Jessy Price as they embedded the state into Brandon Maxwell’s Spring 2019 ad campaign.

At the center of the campaign lensed by Maxwell, is a film directed by Maxwell and Price featuring model Emily DiDonato with a voice over by none other than Texas’ own Lynn Wyatt. The third-generation Houston Texan socialite and philanthropist talks through the collection with a slow Texas draw, sharing her adoration for while giving suggestions to DiDonato.

Maxwell is the rare American designer who photographs his campaigns in the vein of Hedi Silmane, Karl Lagerfeld, and periodically Tom Ford. His point of view is that of a hometown boy-next-door with charm rather than that of an aloof, international designer. That charm serves him well in his relationships with models, who line up to do his show, and for socialites across the U.S. of A..

The Impression has seen this before in the likes of Isaac Mizrahi, Victor Alfaro, and Zac Posen. All rich talents who knew how to attract media attention, host shows, and perform for the camera that is fashion. However, that skill outweighed their design prowlness and they never developed the design integrity that granted entry on the international stage.

Which is dramatically different than the art showcased at Marfa, which draws more than Texan accents to its international showcases. Perhaps Maxwell can pick-up on those Marfa learnings on his next trip, or he risk becoming a designer whose entire distribution can be serviced via a flatbed truck, rather than by boat.

Brandon Maxwell Creative Director | Brandon Maxwell
Art Director | Liana Whalgren
Photographer | Brandon Maxwell
Directors | Brandon Maxwell & Jessy Price
Director of Photography | Santiago Gonzalez
Screenplay | Jessy Price
Model | Emily DiDonato
Narrator | Lynn Wyatt 
Hair | Franco Gobbi
Makeup |Georgi Sandev
Manicurist | Naomi Yasuda
Set Designer | Marla Weinhoff
Producer | Lauren Pistoia
Post Production | Velum
Editor | Drew Taylor
Colorist | Derrick Yuen
Audio Mixer | Drew Joy
Music | “Rockin’ Chair” by Gwen McCrae