Brandon Maxwell

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

An All-American summer love story. Brandon Maxwell’s latest campaign depicts perfectly preppy young adults enjoying the fun-loving spirit of the warmer months, with authentic smiles on their faces and not a care in the world.

Set against the backdrop of a football field, Maxwell, alongside fellow director Jessy Price, has tailored an idealistic depiction of a summer spent in the Hamptons, or Martha’s Vineyard, or Nantucket, with friends and laughter. Director of Photography Nick Korompilas has graced us with an entertaining film, depicting what Maxwell has set out to create. All carry the same theme of spirited fun, depicting gorgeous couples and a fabulous group of friends, all dressed to the nines in summer whites and glamorous monochromatic outfits. The campaign achieves a difficult feat, as it really makes any viewer forget the world for a minute and become a part of this ‘magic.’

Set to the tune “Sentimental Trick” by Future Jr, the film is the culmination of this dream-like collection. The perfect summer is the ultimate fantasy, and Brandon Maxwell allows us to experience it in this quintessential campaign.

All anybody could want after viewing Maxwell’s creations is to be a part of this love letter to summer. It’s delightfully captivating, and fuel’s our excitement for the future of this innovative brand, the warm weather, and the love and laughter that comes with it.

Brandon Maxwell Creative Director | Brandon Maxwell
Photographers & Directors | Brandon Maxwell & Jessy Price
Director of Photography | Nick Korompilas
Art Director | Mark Rolli
Producer | Lauren Pistoia
Models | Anyelina Rosa, Jack Pililaau, Noah Luis Brown, Yasmin Wijnaldum
Hair | Romina Manenti
Makeup | Erin Parsons
Manicurist | Naomi Yasuda
Casting Director | Angus Munro
Set Designer | Hans Maharawal
Editor & Colorist | Nick Korompilas
Music | “Sentimental Trick” Written & Performed by Future Jr.