Bruno Magli

Bruno Magli Fall 2019 Ad Campaign

In the country where all streets lead to Rome, walking is important. Whether it is climbing the steps of Pisa to attending the Torino Film Festival, the shoes you wear makes a difference. Taking inspiration from the Italian film legend, Federico Felini and his film “La dolce vita,” Bruno Magli takes to the sets to display their new collection for fall 2019.

Photographer Gina Manning and Director Juankr capture the cinematic experience of the classics. Fellini was attuned to capturing memory, dreams, fantasy and desire. Each film of his was a step to a greater and growing legacy. In this campaign, Magli sets the scene for a journey through Italian cinema

The use of film and cinematic experiences to showcase shoes sells a feeling: an escape from reality.  As Juankr switches from clear shots to vintage lighting and filters, a timeless emotion of film is incorporated to better promote their shoes as timeless as the films they mimics.

Bruno Magli are not just selling a luxury shoe, but an experience to walk in and like the stars of the Federico Felini’s films. This campaign shows to get to “la dolce vita,” one must first take the step in a Bruno Magli.

Photographer | Gina Manning
Director | Juankr
Models | Michelle Dantas & Jake Dietrich
Stylist | Michelle Carrol
Music | Spain by Mr. Twin Sister
Production Agency | HayRoad Productions

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