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Burberry and Blondey McCoy Unveil Three Holiday Murals in Manhattan


Burberry has partnered with Blondey McCoy once again, to deliver three hand-painted holiday murals in the Flatiron and Soho districts of Manhattan. This is the first time that Blondley’s work has been showcased in New York and is his largest artwork to date. Burberry first worked with Blondey to create artwork for the largest paintable wall in London, in September of 2017.

The murals were inspired by the dichotomy of modern life and the British traditions of the holiday season. They feature Blondey’s signature mix of eclectic imagery and motifs that reference Burberry and British culture.


“Christopher and I have kept in constant contact since our first mural in Clerkenwell, whose short but sweet lifespan only made it more pressing that we work together again. We decided to do three more, centred around the holiday season in New York, which is quite fitting as my favourite Christmas song is “Fairytale of New York”. Over the last couple of years I have been collecting antiques and objects, some more sentimental than others, and incorporating these into my works. These new murals are a composition, a curation of some of these objects that sit aside references to Burberry and British culture.” – Blondey McCoy


The mural at the Flatiron, Broadway and 22nd Street, spans over 80ft and tells the story of a British Christmas Eve party. The first mural in Soho, at Lafayette Street and Broome Street, spans 17ft and illustrates the importance of being with family over the holiday season. The second mural in Soho, at Lafayette Street and Spring Street, spans 15ft and features two hand meetings, symbolizing the act of gifting and exchange.

The murals will be up until the end of December 2017, perfect timing to catch the eye of Christmas shoppers and get into the holiday spirit.