Burberry Collaborates With Dab Motors

Burberry collaborates with dab motors

Burberry reveals its collaboration with DAB Motors. For the November release of B Series, the selection of limited-edition pieces curated by Riccardo Tisci, Burberry has collaborated with DAB Motors on an exclusive electric motorcycle named the Concept-E RS Burberry Edition.

A new frontier in the fusion of luxury and sustainability, the bike is designed, engineered and built entirely at DAB Motor’s factory in Bayonne, France, using a sustainable manufacturing model and a more conscious use of resources. The localised, tailor-made method generates less waste and uses industry-leading aeronautical manufacturing to prolong the bike’s lifecycle.

In keeping with Burberry’s commitment to innovate and go beyond in finding more sustainable ways to feed the desire for exploration, the design is the first street-legal version of the French manufacturer’s electric concept motorcycle. By using an electric power source, it provides a more ecological way to enjoy the freedom of open spaces.

The motorcycle is available in two colourways and features bespoke logo bodywork, a hand- stitched TB monogram saddle in finest Burberry leather and customisable handlebars, and will be available to purchase through DAB Motors.