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Burberry’s latest collection of Heritage Trench Coats has been rejuvenated to fit a total of three fits, two lengths and five colors. The exciting new collection has been refreshed to embody modern details and a fresh color pallet.

In honor of the launch, Burberry has collaborated with five stylists—Jack Borkett, Anders Thomsen, Victoire Simonney, Ruben Moreira and Danny Reed—to style the revamped trench coats. The creative visions of the stylists are showcased in a portfolio of images by photographer Thurstan Redding.

Photographer | Thurstan Redding
Stylists | Jack Borkett, Anders Thomsen, Victoire Simonney, Ruben Moreira, & Danny Reed
Models | Chloè Nardin, Hebe Flury, Tancrede Scalabre, & Xu Jing
Set Design | Andrew Lim Clarkson
Hair | Cynthia Harvey
Makeup | Siobhan Furlong