Burberry Pre-Fall 2018 Campaign Juergen Teller & Adwoa Aboah

Burberry | Pre-Fall 2018 Juergen Teller & Adwoa Aboah Takes Us Home

“Home” is a powerful word that even sounds solid, stable and consistent as it rolls off the tongue. “Home” is at the core of every person and as we have evolved as a society “home” has become more of an abstract and malleable concept than a defined and singular hearth for an increasing number of people. The heightened social awareness of the younger generations has created a deeper and more complex idea of “home” and what that means particularly amongst persons of color who may experience uncertainty and discomfort over what “home” really is to them. Where they were born may be their “home” even though their ancestors may have been forced out of their true “home” so they try to form a deeper connection to this ancestral home all while living in a totally new “home.”

For their Pre-Fall 2018 campaign Burberry has chosen to embrace and explore this expanding concept of ‘Home’ with the magnetic Adwoa Aboah who continues to blaze her trail in the industry after an unparalleled run of success in 2017. Aboah could not be a better selection for this campaign with a place she can call “home” on three different continents and an aware and very pragmatic move they have decided that Aboah should not be a building block in the campaign but that the campaign should be built entirely around her and her globe-spanning concept of home. The campaign is a three part photo and video series with each part highlighting one of Adwoa Aboah’s homes beginning in her birthplace of London, then to the states to her current chosen home of NYC and finally to her ancestral home where her father was born and raised, the West African nation of Ghana.

While all three parts stand on their own merits Aboah’s visit to Ghana has to be considered the standout piece simply because it’s a breath of fresh air to see an ad or video taking place in an African nation that isn’t a lowbrow ploy to create interest in a brand because they made a 2 minute video of them showing “care and generosity.” The photo series and video treats Ghana as a place filled to the brim with life, culture, vibrancy and sheer energy that emanates from it’s people and environment and Aboah, photographer Juergen Teller and Burberry as a whole deserve major props for this solid depiction. The message is clear, this is not a country to be pitied it is a beautiful and strong Home for millions upon millions of people including Aboah that deserves just as much respect and acknowledgement as her other two homes in London and NYC. It’s been said for longer than anyone remembers that “home is where the heart is” and the growing universal understanding that home isn’t some concrete place but where you choose to keep your heart closest to is a message and idea that we hope creates more and more unity and understanding around the world.


Director | Juergen Teller
Model | Adwoa Aboah
Music | Step Up For The Cool Cats by Palma Violets
             The Tunnel of Love by Fun Boy Three