Burberry Reimagines Regent Street Flagship Store Ahead of Tisci’s Debut Show

Burberry Reimagines Regent Street Flagship Store Ahead of Tisci’s Debut Show

With hours on the clock until Riccardo Tisci’s first collection for the British fashion house, Burberry has opened the doors to its newly revamped flagship store at 121 Regent Street in London.

The store has been reimagined by Tisci in preparation as the one brick-and-mortar store to house the limited addition pieces from Riccardo Tisci’s first Burberry collection. That collection will be exclusively available on Instagram, WeChat, and at the store following Tisci’s Burberry runway debut in London on Monday 17 September at 5:30pm GMT (watch live here at The Impression).

At the heart of the newly transformed space, is ‘Sisyphus Reclined’, a three-floor scaffold immersive and interactive commissioned art installation by British artist Graham Hudson. ‘Sisyphus Reclined’, which transforms the store’s main atrium into an exhibition space, is a narrative tale in sculptural form combining sound and visual concepts. The installation will remain in store until 26 October.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Graham Hudson”]

I was excited about Burberry’s commitment to be open-minded about what was possible. I think the fact that London has been a building site since the Romans arrived has been a creeping influence on my work. The scaffold and rubble, it’s also a kind of acting – a façade. There’s no such thing as a neutral space. There’s no place that you can put an artwork that doesn’t bring meaning. The context is everything. The store’s history as a gallery and an auditorium was key to our early conversations about why this space was relevant and what could occur here.


The project has pushed the physical capability of the building to its limit,’ he goes onto say of 121 Regent Street which, fittingly, from 1888–1910, was a dedicated exhibition space called ‘The New Gallery’.

Inspired by the building’s history as a theatre, each room is wrapped in draped curtains with thick carpeted floors. Trench-inspired hues feature throughout the store ranging from stone to honey alongside accents of light pink and pistachio. Fixtures made from plywood provide a contrast to the rest of the space and over one hundred plinths add colour, texture and tone.

Individual rooms have been curated to celebrate singular products ranging from The Heritage trench to the car coat and a room dedicated entirely to the Vintage check.