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FKA TWIGS beats to a drum, directing and editing in CALVIN KLEIN’s ad campaign.


It would appear that Calvin Klein is too ‘Good to Love,’ as music artist FKA Twigs has joined this season’s “I ____ in #mycalvins” ad campaign in the house’s second wave of their spring ads.

The campaign features a print campaign and video spotlighting FKA Twigs and British dancer and choreographer Kaner Flex free-styling in their Calvin’s. This chapter in the ad campaign continued the I ____ in #mycalvins theme with an interesting and creative twist.

FKA Twigs is impressive in her creative partnership of directing and editing alongside choreographer Aaron Sills. Her work did not disappoint, she had a clear artistic vision that was portrayed in the minute-long video advertisement. Her newest single “Good to Love” carried FKA Twigs and Kaner Flex as they let the music guide their free movement and contortions. The artists cleverly utilized Calvin’s new clothing collection as a means to assist their dancing, resulting in a compelling narrative seen through movement and appearance. The video ad ended with FKA Twigs falling into a sea of Calvin Klein jeans and the line “I create in #mycalvins.” The idea behind the association is that you, too, can be a creator as FKA Twigs, anyone can put on Calvins, dance around and feel contemporary.


When I first started thinking of concepts for a Calvin Klein advert, it dawned on me that Calvin Klein is such an iconic brand and that I really wanted to combine artistically what I do with the striking imagery Calvin Klein has always maintained. I guess it’s kind of tongue-in-cheek, fun, sexy, but still with the emotional ignition and openness that I always aim to achieve when I direct.

– FKA Twigs


Twigs added, “I wanted to make something that could feel artistically futuristic, tense, crucial, loaded, emotionally complicated, but ultimately still include the seductive, free and young feel of Calvin Klein. All in all, it was an honor to direct an advert for such a prestigious brand, let alone be in it, too.”

FKA Twigs is admirable with her self direction and unique flare and she has left the audience saying #mycalvins are too ‘Good to Love.’