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Calvin Klein Tells His Story of the Brand in His First Book, Showcasing His Archive of Images

Every designer has their firsts whether they are new or well established. For designer Calvin Klein, who has been in the game since 1968, has for sure had many first, and continues to with his first book, CALVIN KLEIN.

Meant to reflect the rigorously modern aesthetic that he is known for, the book, designed by Fabien Baron, contains an archive of images that reveal the timeless influence that Klein has had as a designer, changing the face of fashion for decades of women and men alike.

© David Sims. Kate Moss. 1993

Divided into 3 themes, Rebellious, Minimal, and Stories, each part represents Klein’s approach of simplicity and sophistication.

Rebellious contains the most controversial of his campaigns, where nudity and seduction is in the driver’s seat. This section houses pictures of a young Brooke Shields in nothing but her Calvin’s, to a semi-nude series of Kate Moss. Minimal is all about refinement and elegance, the trademark of his couture and collections, where clean lines are valued over decorative excess. Lastly, Stories is where readers get to read, for the first time in his own words, details about Klein’s youth, insights of his campaigns, and secrets behind his success.

Much of the photography, done by distinguished photographers in the fashion industry such as Bruce Weber, Irving Penn, and many others, captured iconic models such as Christy Turlington and Kate Moss in career defining images.

Every image in CALVIN KLEIN was chosen by the designer himself as it shows his evolution as a designer, where he defined what was chic and essential, and is meant to be coveted by anyone with an interest in contemporary fashion.