Calvin Klein Spring 2018 Main Label Campaign

Calvin Klein | Spring 2018 Main Label Campaign

The house of Calvin Klein, lead by Chief Creative Raf Simons, is a big house to manage full of an abundance of rooms. One of which is that of the mainstay collection whose main floor is full of load bearing walls. Thankfully the house can rely on some outside contractors like Creative Director Doug Lloyd and his team at Lloyd & Co.

To help assure that room looks good Lloyd & Co. tossed on a fresh coat of paint that respected the feel for the house while allowing the upstairs rooms to continue their role as entertainment centers. To accomplish this project, Lloyd enlisted photographer Daniel Jackson. The result is a fresh coat with the simplest of colors allowing houseguest and model Line Kjaergaard’s body language and stares to do all the talking.

We like the feel of the room, and know that Jackson and Lloyd have ways to add other finishes for next season and we look forward to that and future house tours.

Calvin Klein Chef Creative Officer | Raf Simonds
Agency | Lloyd & Co.
Creative Director | Doug Lloyd
Photographer | Daniel Jackson

Model | Line Kjaergaard