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Calvin Klein Collaborates with Alasdair McLellan and The xx, Bringing Their Brand Ambassadors with Them


When Chief Creative Officer of Calvin Klein Raf Simmons saw British photographer Alasdair McLellan’s work on music videos for indie band The xx, he saw similarities in their creative visions and the potential for collaboration. Thus, the new music video for the band’s song, “I Dare You” debuted as the product of creativity across arenas of fashion, film, and music.

Not to mention the acting piece of this collaborative puzzle, in which Calvin Klein brings on their brand ambassadors to star in the video along side members of The xx, Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, and Jamie Smith. The ambassadors include Millie Bobby Brown, Paris Jackson, Ashton Sanders, Ernesto Cervantes, and Lulu skipping school and having a day out in suburban Los Angeles.

Their day takes an interesting turn when Ashton dares Paris to enter the John Sowden house, a Mayan revival styled haunted house, known for being the inspiration behind American Horror Story: Murder House. Paris dares him to follow her and all the kids enter the courtyard where The xx are playing “I Dare You.” The teens couple off and slow dance to their private concert, leaving Millie Bobby Brown crying in the car as a montage of Los Angeles landscapes plays out the song.

In bringing together multiple mainstream influencers and indie band The xx, Calvin Klein is able to reach a multitude of audiences at once. The increase in the brand’s visibility with Millenials is certainly something to keep an eye on.


Director | Alasdair McMellan
Starring | The xx, Millie Bobby Brown, Ernesto Cervantes, Paris Jackson, Lulu, & Ashton Sanders