Calvin Luo | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Up-and-coming designer Calvin Luo is making a name for himself in the fashion industry with the release of the house’s Fall 2018 ad campaign.

Shot by Xiangyu Lui and featuring models Mariana Zaragoza and Celine Delaugere, the campaign consists of various pictures portraying the women in very interesting settings. With the inclusion of a Pulp Fiction movie poster, an old-fashioned jukebox, and various pieces of vintage-style furniture, it seems that Luo chose to exhibit the collection amongst relics from past decades.

Though he is relatively new to the industry, this is not Luo’s first time using time periods as inspiration for his campaigns. “[Luo’s] collections have explored the subcultures of ‘50s-era Americana, the dazzling ‘70s and a “Virgin Suicides” tainted ‘90s suburban America,” The brand’s website explains. “From these time vignettes always emerges a strong and focused story, which has helped to position himself in the foreground of the new and exciting Shanghai fashion scene”

Despite this being one of his very early campaigns, Luo is already exhibiting impressive qualities as a designer and creative director. It is exciting to experience Luo’s growth, and The Impression can see a bright future for this new talent.


Calvin Luo Creative Director | Calvin Luo
Photographer | Xiangyu Liu
Models | Mariana Zaragoza & Celine Delaugere
Stylist | Michaela Dosamantes
Hair | Matthieu Bourdet
Makeup | Karin Westerlund
Casting | David Chen