Camper Fidenza Italy Store Review

Camper | Fidenza, Italy

Designed by Francesc Rifé Studio, the new Camper store at the Fidenza Villiage shopping center employs an aesthetic rooted in nature in honor of the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.

The Emilia-Romagna region is famous for its lavish cars such as Maseratis and Lamborghinis, its delicious cuisine, and most relevant in this case—its terracotta craftsmanship. When the design team behind Francesc Rifé Studio was asked to design the concept for the new Camper store, they looked to the baked earth surrounding for inspiration.

Camper is a Mallorcan shoe brand highly regarded for their use of high-quality materials in effort to challenge conventional footwear typologies.

In terms of the design concept, the design team highlighted Camper’s connection to nature through working with four natural materials: terracotta, rope, steel and oak. The natural materials used were given new meanings through twists in their application. For example, the terracotta tiles have been dyed grey, minimalizing their visual impact while placing focus instead on the shoes being displayed.

Both the counter and the large staircase consist of black steel and grey smoked glass. The use of natural oak as a contrast then enriches the simplicity of these primary structures.

Elements of rope are further apparent in the store as they allude to Camper’s standout shoelaces. The color of the rope remains natural in attempt to convey the purity of the material, as the structured lines of rope symbolize a harmonious connection between the footwear being marketed and the underlying architecture of the shop.

Architect Firm
Francesc Rifé Studio |
Founder | Francesc Rifé

Fidenza Village
Via San Michele Campagna 43036 Fidenza