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Cara Delevingne Gets Animated in a New Short Film Supporting the Launch of Chanel’s Gabrielle Handbag


Energy, passion, vigor—does one feel these emotions when they think of Chanel? Perhaps the question is too simple, but any answer will relate to the true spirit of the French atelier, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. Coco’s ambition as a designer and businesswoman goes overlooked at times when the discussion turns to products, but her spirit and fervor always shines through and especially for the fashion house’s ‘Gabrielle’ handbag.

Named after the Chanel herself, the Gabrielle handbag launched this Spring supported by an energetic short film starring Kristen Stewart and now an animated short film starring Cara Delevingne. The short by Shishi Yamazaki shows Delevingne calling for the Gabrielle handbag hanging from a tree, and after retrieving it, hopping aboard her skateboard and rideing through the city.

Much like the short film starring Stewart, the animated short is youthful, rambunctious and boisterous, which begs to ask how it relates to Chanel. The fashion house is synonymous with the luxury experience, like fine dining, lavish vacationing, and attending the theater and art galleries, and not so much skateboarding.

The campaign makes the Chanel world accessible to a younger audience, and it shows that the label is not stuffy and shouldn’t be associated solely with what is considered to be the luxury lifestyle. Yamazaki also manages to capture how energy is released; either through running, jumping, yelling and skating.

So can energy, passion and vigor be used to describe Chanel? The short films say yes, and rightfully so because they also describe Gabrielle.



Director | Shishi Yamazaki
Photographer | Karl Lagerfeld
Model | Cara Delevingne