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Aboud Creative helps Paul Smith with a big idea.

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

The big “idea.”

Far too often in fashion the ‘image’ triumphs over the ‘idea.’ Images are meaningful, emotional, and quite tasty. We long for them like sugar. But ideas, they are more rare, and not like sugar at all in that they provide something deeper that we long for. . . substance.

Alan Aboud and the team over at Aboud Creative came up with an original idea. One embraceable enough to see its way to reality. One that focused on a single item, yet was shared by many. That idea was about ‘motion,’ and it put in motion one of the best marketing programs of the fall 2015 season; Paul Smith’s ‘A Suit to Travel In.’

Aboud Creative was tasked with developing a story and activation around a wrinkle resident Paul Smith suit. Not an everyday occurrence in fashion as with the exception of a handbag here-and-there or sport items, most fashion programs are around collections. Their solution needed to work with the framework of a tight budget, leverage film, provide print assets, and incorporate some form of an event. We’ve all seen this brief before, the one that ask for the moon and the stars. And likely followed by a request for a discount!

Brief in hand Aboud Creative delivered an ‘idea,’ with a memorable and moving campaign, both figuratively and literally.

Having an opportunity to create a campaign with ‘elasticity of idea’ was particularly fulfilling.
In some ways it mirrored the tailoring fabric’s ability to crease, stretch and recover.
My team pulled together to combine their unique talents to create, direct and produce something wonderfully simple, yet memorable.
– Alan Aboud
 Rather than tell, we thought the case study would show how in the age of insta images, the idea is still king.

Agency | Aboud Creative
Creative Director | Alan Aboud
Film & Photographer | George Harvey
Talent | Max Whitlock