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Store Scout, Céline Sydney


Céline, previously only sold at a few retailers in Australia, opened its second stand-alone store. Following the opening of the first flagship store in Chadstone, Australia in 2016, the French luxury brand opens this time in Sydney at Sydney Westfield.

This opening marks the brand’s 141st store opening, yet, the brand has managed to still encompass its sleek and sophisticated trademark look. Items such as ready-to-wear, shoes, and accessories are displayed thoughtfully throughout the store. Accessories, like jewelry, wallets, and sunglasses, can be seen on shelves against the wall and on display cases made by Danish bespoke artist, FOS. Clothing items can be seen hanging from black metal hanging rails.

The interior mirrors the clean, sleek lines that the brand is accustomed to, featuring tan, polished, and speckled concrete floors and walls. This simplicity of the store allows for the pieces within it to be the main focus, while still remaining to be raw, modern, and eye-catching.

Westfield Sydney
188 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

+ 61 2 9232 7051

Store Hours
Mon. – Sat. 9.30am – 7pm
Thurs. 9.30am – 9pm
Sun. 10am – 7pm