CH4RM Summer 4 Ever 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


'Summer 4 Ever' 2020 Ad Campaign

Review of CH4RM ‘Summer 4 Ever’ 2020 Ad Campaign by Photographer Emmie America & Director Roma Kozhevnikov

CH4RM turns up the sex appeal for an unexpected celebration of summer. The campaign features photography and film direction by Emmie America, cinematography by Roma Kozhevnikov, and lots and lots of skin.

Founded by Nikita Chekrygin in 2017, CH4RM draws inspiration from Y2K style and contemporary internet culture, all filtered through the lens of suburban Russian youth. Emmie America’s work for the new campaign plays up the designer’s tongue-in-cheek vibe; it both parodies and sincerely celebrates the culture it portrays.

The campaign’s narrative follows a group of young people taking a summer trip to a favorite swimming hole. Emmie America’s imagery focuses strongly on the body and sexuality. While these bodies are indeed objectified and hyper-sexualized, it feels important that the characters freely participate in this, and that male and female bodies are treated the same way. There is a sense of free love and gender fluidity, and no forced distinction between hetero- and homoeroticism.

The campaign feels brilliant in the way its content is presented as both hedonistically absurd and incredibly artistic. Ironic yet unfiltered, the imagery confronts us with the enjoyment of bodily beauty, causing us to examine our perceptions of voluptuousness and modesty. The excesses of youth are taken for what they are, yet also shown to be a deeply beautiful truth of life. The timing for a summer-themed campaign is rather odd, yet as winter begins, this youthful celebration of the summer of life feels just right.

CH4RM Creative Director | Nikita Chekrygin
Photographer | Emmie America
Director | Roma Kozhevnikov
Models | Sia Vlasova, Doch Olega, Dasha Pribishyuk, Mashul Kajpg, Mironova Maria, Ksusha Travkina, Mercy, Liza Mikh, Remmy, Stephan Privezentsev, Oksana Babenko & Анатолий Есаулов
Hair | Evgeny Zubov
Makeup | Cate Gorelova
Production | Diana Feldman
Casting Director | CDBZ Casting
Location | Luzhny, Tula