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Chanel Camélia Collection 2018 Fashion Short Films

The camellia was Coco Chanel’s favorite flower and one of her first aesthetic and creative inspirations and has been associated with her and her historic brand for many decades. Chanel has chosen to bring the iconic symbol back for a new fine jewelry collection featuring a campaign of five mini films starring French actress and model Alma Jodorowsky.

The shorts feature their own distinct aesthetic, but they all share a unified format, structure and visual theme. All five feature a brief pan depicting Jodorowsky in a specific situation, the jewelry featured never starts out as a focal point of the shot, but very naturally becomes the focus without feeling forced in any way. This ability to so smoothly bring the jewelry into focus without your average viewer even noticing is the most subtle yet effective aspect of all these films as it shows Chanel has confidence in letting their product speak for itself and bloom on its own.

Each of the shorts concludes with the simple but poignant statement “NOT A FLOWER.” Speaking to the theme of all the shorts, finding power and strength in your femininity even with the societal perception that femininity equates to fragility. Our protagonist is not one to mess with, seen pulling her lover in the bath with her and cutting the hedges with a chainsaw. This feminine figure defies social norms, being seemingly proper, but clearly has a dark, irreverent side to her.







Model | Alma Jodorowsky