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Keira Knightley Sings in French for Chanel Coco Crush Campaign


A classic French brand features a classic French song, sung by a not so French actress in Chanel’s new fine jewelry campaign, Coco Crush.

In this minute-long film, British actress Keira Knightley displays the simple yet elegant nature of the jewelry from the collection. The film starts with her taking a Chanel branded guitar from a quilted case. Knightley precedes to strum away to “Le Tourbillon de la Vie” by Jeanne Moreau, wearing the Coco Crush jewelry embossed with the quilting of the Chanel handbag.

In this endearing film Knightley manages to deliver the song with great confidence and would make one think that she is a French native. With a collection titled “Coco Crush,” Chanel has us crushing on Knightley and her impressive performance.