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For their latest Chanel 2016 eyewear campaign Karl Lagerfeld has enlisted longtime model/muse Cara Delevingne to return to the fashion stage. Delevingne has been absent of the fashion focus due to her foray into film, staring in six cinematic releases in 2016 including Suicide Squad with Jared Leto and Will Smith.

While social may of been aflutter with comments about her coming back to fashion modeling, The Impression remembers a time, pre the speed of social, when less than a year of not modeling was normal. Comebacks require one to actually be off the stage.

Comebacks aside what we find of merit in the rather straight forward campaign is the use of cyan. The tone is alluring and speaks to the power of color, a tool used surprisingly by few. Why the print campaign didn’t totally embrace using the color throughout is beyond us. Perhaps the merchants felt the product needs to be shown in true light. But for us the branding message is more meaningful and the affect of the cyan more powerful. After all isn’t drawing the eye into the brand of more merit than the idea of a single pair of frames? The lack of consistency and emoting message left us feeling a little blue.

Photographer | Karl Lagerfeld
Model | Cara Delevingne