Chanel Fall 2018 Fashion Show Set

Chanel | Fall 2018 | The Set-Up

With past set designs ranging from supermarkets to art galleries, Karl Lagerfeld has taken a rather out of the box approach for Chanel’s Fall 2018 show in creating a show set in the natural world—deep into the forest.

Located in the Grand Palais, the forest set embodies 21 oak and other bare-branched trees extending far beyond the glass dome of the Palais. Further to indicate the late-autumn season is present a thick bed of leaves and moss coated the forest floor.

When asked about the creative inspiration behind such an eerie, unconventional set design, Lagerfeld remarked that he had no particular forest in mind. However, the creative director did express, “I was brought up in the country, on an estate which had 12 allées [of trees] going from the house,” indicating that he had subconsciously drawn inspiration from his very own childhood past in designing the set.





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