Chanel J12 Spring 2020 Ad Campaign with Lily-Rose Depp, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer Photos

Chanel J12

Lily-Rose Depp, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer celebrate the 20th anniversary of Chanel's J12 Watch Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Chanel celebrates the seconds in life that define us, as they reflect on the 20th birthday of J12. In four short films, the fashion house has brought together 5 talents, each of different age and background, and each with significant meaning to the brand, to reflect on the long length of time that the watch line has existed, and on the short moments that make up that time.

The first star of the show is Lily-Rose Depp, a 20-year-old actress, and staple Chanel ambassador. Her youth is her focus, as she turns 20 the same year as J12 does. Her grace and youthful energy are put on display as she discusses all that life has to offer after living for a short 20 years.

 If I could relive one second from the past 20 years, maybe the moment that I got to be the bride in the CHANEL show a couple of years ago.

– Lily-Rose Depp

Depp’s mother, Vanessa Paradis, is also featured, speaking in french and explaining the short interval that is a 20-year span, and the moments within it that radiate love and closeness. Old Hollywood actress and face of Chanel from 1965 to 1971, Ali MacGraw is yet another woman shown reflecting on the significance of this 20 year anniversary.

Famed supermodel Naomi Cambell speaks on her wish of “20 years with the great continent of Africa,” when being asked what she would choose if she could have 20 years with anything in the world. German model and actress Claudia Schiffer goes beyond this question, explaining that 20 years, while long, is “not enough to become 21.”

Each of these women, completely different in their life experiences, gives meaningful insight on exactly what J12 represents; time. The feeling of long and short moments, and how time can feel endless, or momentary.

While it may have been helpful to see more of the classic designs that J12 has released over the years, we appreciate the simplicity taken on this landmark birthday. The brand focuses instead on what the collection means, as after 20 years, they can depend on the fact that people have seen their designs, and recognize the beauty that has kept them going for two decades.

Watching this legendary fashion house celebrate yet another milestone for yet another one of their masterful collections, it’s extremely hopeful for the future of fashion. It can be easy to get caught up in the past, but the fact that even after 20 years, each of these talents recognizes that J12 has so much ahead of them puts a bright lens on what is to come. So here is to the future, of Chanel, of J12, and of celebrating every second for what it is.

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