Chanel Travels to Chengdu with Liu Wen for Resort 2018 Film

Chanel | Resort 2018 Film


Following the showing of Chanel’s Resort 2018 collection in Chengdu, China, Chanel has released a short film promoting it in the beautiful location. The Grecian inspired collection fits in seamlessly with the setting. Liu Wen is seen taking pictures of the Chengdu cityscape and pandas in the countryside. Wen feels like a tourist in the city, as she explores the historic locations and develops her treasured memories.

As China’s domestic consumption increases, it is important for luxury brands to promote their goods in that market. Chanel’s decision to show the collection in China and release a short film that is social media friendly, in the same location, is a smart move. This is a market to keep an eye on, as their import tariffs decrease and their middle-class spending increases. The Impression will be watching how other brands follow Chanel in wading into the domestic Chinese waters.

Production | Walter Films
Model | Liu Wen

Music | “Hand by Hand” – Maxime Tisné-Versailles

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