Chanel Rue Cambon Flagship Store

Chanel | Rue Cambon Flagship

After a six years of planning and following major store openings in London and New York, Chanel has unveiled their largest Paris flagship at 19 Rue Cambon.

Architect Peter Marino transformed three historic buildings to create one, including a former 17th-century convent. Over 10,800 square feet occupies four stories opening just days after the unveiling of Chanel’s renovated flagship at 15 East 57th Street in New York.



The facades in Oise stone pay tribute to the historical heritage and savoir-faire of the street. Inside the boutique, a Versailles parquet and ironwork made by artisans, curtains embroidered by the House of Lesage along with elements fashioned by Goossens all accentuate the Parisian and French spirit of the space. From the ground floor up to the fourth floor, everywhere is bathed in natural light, the brilliance of which is further emphasized through the use of white and three shades of beige, accompanied by black, gold and metallic notes. Limestone, stucco, blond parquet, khaki woodwork, enameled gold textured plasterwork and metallic fabrics, combinations of carpets…The overall effect is both graphic and pure, magnified by the luxurious materials, used in their most simple form, without artifice. Various ceiling heights form a harmony of arches and changing volumes.



From the entrance to the reception rooms, the boutique showcases 28 artworks by 20 different artists, selected by Peter Marino. Present on four floors from the ground floor up, the specially commissioned work Große Treppe (Great Staircase) by Gregor Hildebrandt stretches for almost 14 meters: made of cut vinyl records, steel and fabric, it exists like a mobile in perpetual motion. On the first floor, the sculpture Odore di Femmina-Torso Plugs by Johan Creten shimmers in bronze covered with gold leaf. There we also find two Camellia collages, commissioned especially for the boutique and made by Peter Dayton.

On the second floor, a large panel painted by Martin Kline, also a commission, with its texture in relief, appears to retreat into Chanel’s iconic white.