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CHANEL’S vibrant Fall 2016 campaign turns heads and warms hearts 


For his Fall 2016 campaign, Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, embraces the artistic side of fashion translating Chanel as an artistic collage of pop art.

The campaign features Mariacarla Boscono and Sarah Brannon, juxtaposed against a colorful backdrop featuring Chanel’s iconic pearls and Coco’s favorite flower, the camellia, as well as emoticon stickers and textured patterns. The pair are themselves treated as cut-out elements for the collages which are designed to emulate a series of pop art canvases. Often the pieces read as if they were designed as a flip book catching multiple images of the duo as they pose and dash through their bold art world backdrop.

Lagerfeld is always one who is in the ‘now’ and wisely introduces a campaign that isn’t representative of harsh everyday realities. Between Brexit, the pending US presidential election, and the frequent occurrences of tragic terrorism, Karl knows the world could use a little bit of beauty to carry us through. It is often in the darkest of times that people turn to dreaming via arts; be it the fantasy of musicals, or the shock of abstractionism, or simply the beauty of a Chanel campaign. Difficult times call for leaders to help remind us that despite all the difficulties and darkness in the world, it is still a beautiful place.

The campaign gives us pause, forces us to look deeply into the art, and leaves us feeling a little warmer about the world and Chanel itself. The truth is, every once in a while the world could really use a fresh ‘pop.’

Photographer | Karl Lagerfeld
Models | Mariacarla Boscono & Sarah Brannon