Change of Heart

Summer 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Change of Heart Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Jesse Baer with Photographer Marina Goldi and Director Anthony Pellino

Change of Heart shares a summery new campaign for Spring 2021. With photography by Marina Goldi and direction by Anthony Pellino, the campaign seeks to embody the brand’s goal of accessible luxury.

A newcomer to the streetwear game, Change of Heart’s mission is to produce streetwear with the same high ethical standards as leading brands, but at a much more accessible price point. The Spring 2021 collection is the brand’s second, following up a debut collection which impressively sold out in 24 hours.

The campaign captures this balance of accessibility and style with sun-soaked imagery that follows a diverse group of young people as they embark on a lo-fi Los Angeles hangout sesh. The story is simple and familiar, but fun. As the friends cruise a golf course, play backgammon in an old-school sports club, and generally just chill, we are reminded of long summer days when the only thing to do is enjoy the company of others. The film’s fashion-shoot-esque camera clicks do feel a bit unnecessary, as they disrupt the sense of relatable realism that the campaign seems to be going for.

While the imagery does communicate the character of the brand and its new collection, it feels like it might be missing something in terms of concept. While we are familiar with the brand’s history, the campaign itself may not be enough to help the average viewer make a connection with Change of Heart’s identity and values.

Still, it’s exciting to see a young brand bring new ideas to the streetwear scene, and execute their budding vision with style and confidence. Although – or perhaps because – it is an open question as to whether accessibility and luxury are not mutually exclusive, we hope the brand continues to grow, and are excited to see what they do next.

Change of Heart Creative Director | Jesse Baer
Director | Anthony Pellino
Photographer | Marina Goldi
Models | Cassie Claybaugh, Maria Vittoria Reale, James McKinnon, Johnny Diez, Chiki Diaz, & Daniella Berkerman
Hair & Makeup | Angela Peralta, Megan Hester and Kelsey Peterson
Producer | Ian Feiner
Production Staff | Pearl Koven
Location | Los Angeles

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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