Chloe Fall 2018 Campaign Film by Steven Meisel

Chloé | Fall 2018 Campaign

A recurring theme in this seasons campaign films has been a ‘timeloop’ as creatives find unique ways to display as much of a collection in a short window of time.

Chloé Creative Director Natacha Ramsay Levi along with agency M/M Paris and lensman Steven Meisel have put their own unique spin on the genre with a ‘déjá vu’ campaign film and a diverse cast of characters.

What The Impression likes about the piece is how well conceived the campaign set is and how it plays subconsciously through constant repetition. Through a series of looping takes of similar motion and yet different looks, the house instills that they are clearly for a sophisticated urbanite. One who is comfortable biking around town, surrounds herself with art, and intermingles with a similar social tribe of female friends.

The set is artisanal, full of interesting props, the NYC skyline, The Empire State Building, oversized artistic canvases and a large ramp that serves as both a prop and catwalk for the time loop participants. And rarely have poles played such an important role as here they are the color unifier, painted to match the canvases and bringing a touch of art to the street. Kudos to the set designer be it Mary Howard or someone else they have outdone themselves here.

Meisel and M/M Paris lift the campaign from the film to give the notion of motion while adding a soft lavender to the sky which helps to turn the print campaign into a canvas itself. The entire campaign reflects an artisan touch and one that we hope others take note of, as it is a pleasure to watch masters paint.

Chloe Fall 2018 Campaign Film by Steven Meisel

Chloe Fall 2018 Campaign Film by Steven Meisel

Chloé Creative Director | Natacha Ramsay Levi
Agency | M/M Paris
Photographer/Director | Steven Meisel
Models | Sophie Koella, Liu Wen, Rianne van Rompaey, Aaliyah Hydes, Grace Hartzel and Kris Grikaite
Stylist | Max Pearmain
Hair | Guido Palau
Makeup | Pat McGrath
Music | ‘Everything is You’ by Empress Of