Christopher John Rogers Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Christopher John Rogers

Collection 008 Ad Campaign

Review of Christopher John Rogers Collection 008 Ad Campaign by Christopher John Rogers with Photographer Alexander Saladrigas with models Dilone & Lindsey Wixson

Fresh off his win as the CFDA’s American Womenswear Designer of the Year, Christopher John Rogers shares a candid, humble, and colorful campaign in celebration of his Collection 008. The Fall 2021 campaign features art direction from Christina Chanel Ripley and photography by Alexander Saladrigas.

The campaign puts CJR’s elegant yet playful designs into the context of a normal night out on the town, which both plays into and subverts their almost surreal and dreamlike quality. Saladrigas’ lo-fi, analogue shots are captured in low light on the nighttime streets of New York with the flash on, making the colors and pop-art patterns of the collection especially striking against the murky backgrounds.

Models Lindsey Wixson and Dilone portray friends who meet up for a simple night in or out, or who run into each other while walking the dog and just happen to be wearing their same favorite designer.

The images exude a carefree and candid, perhaps nostalgic energy.

The choice of dog in a Dalmatian almost feels like a silly and inconsequential detail, but it is instead a precise styling decision that elevates the imagery, as the dog’s black-and-white spots go perfectly with Rogers’ prints.

After seeing Christopher John Rogers looks on the likes of Met Gala red carpet attendees and Adele in her Oprah interview, it’s exciting to be reminded that they look just as – or perhaps even more – stunning while taking the dog out for a final evening walk.

True, nobody in their right mind would probably ever do such a thing while wearing such a piece, and thus the campaign does maintain a certain level of charming surrealism, but it’s good to know that we have the option – and that we would look good doing it.

Christopher John Rogers Creative Director | Christopher John Rogers
Photographer | Alexander Saladrigas
Models | Dilone & Lindsey Wixson
Hair | Naeemah Lafond
Makeup | Marcelo Gutierrez
Casting Director | Ricky Michiels