Christopher Kane

Releases New Capsule Collection

Christopher Kane has brought sexy back with a capsule collection called, “The More Joy Summer Store.” The limitededition capsule collection is an extension of Kane’s luxe sex appeal from his FW18 More Joy collection. The collection features t-shirts, baseball caps, fans, beach towels, and phone cases printed with the words ‘Sex’, ‘More Joy’ and ‘Special.’  

The campaign has two moods—day, and night. While product shots are predominant in the campaign, sex and passion are still captured. The red tones of night contrast the blues of the day, making this beach day all the more electric. 

Christopher Kane, with two months left of summer, reminds us that summer is supposed to be sexy. It’s not too late to renew our summer resolutions and make our hot girl summer dreams come true. 

Creative Director | Christopher Kane