Christopher Kane Fall 2018 Ad Campaign Alasdair McLellan

Christopher Kane | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

A woman around town. In Christopher Kane’s Fall 2018 ad campaigns, the audience follows model Selena Foster to various typically-normal locations. A tennis court, a street, a park.

Creative Director and Designer Christopher Kane worked with photographer Alistair McLellan and art director Jo-Ann Furniss to capture the raw power of women. Foster was shot from several angles to portray her more powerful side- she is fierce and strong.

And this is no mistake. “Since the beginning, I have found it fundamental to our idea of women; women with their own power who create their own worlds and are in charge of them,” Kane revealed on the house’s website. “We wanted to look at that in the collection… it’s less cheeky and more subversive, less an interior world and more an exterior view this time.”

In the end, it’s clear that this seemingly simple ad campaign speaks for itself. With their simplicity, the photographs allow for interpretation, yet nobody can deny the obvious empowerment.

Hopefully, the house will continue its tradition of bringing women up in simple ways, and proving they deserve their power. It is exciting to see where this could be heading!

Christopher Kane Creative Director | Christopher Kane
Art Direction | Jo-Ann Furniss
Photography | Alasdair McLellan
Model | Selena Forrest
Hair | Anthony Turner
Make Up | Lynsey Alexander