Church's The Impression


Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Church’s Spring 2022 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Susanna Cucco with Photographer Jack Davison with models Hugh Laughton-Scott, Grace Musase

by Aidel Townsley

Creative Director Susanna Cusco works with photographer Jack Davison to capture a luxurious playfulness in classically rigid footwear for Church’s Spring-Summer collection. This English crafted and iconic brand has called upon the contrast between roguish childishness and conscripted homogeneity to modernize the traditional Oxford uniform shoe. 

Models Grace Musase and Hugh Laughton-Scott prance in playful exploration yet their suit coats and sober expressions call upon their maturity and the refinement of the shoes craftsmanship. The merrymaking is subdued as even a shot of the Scarlet Rois Calf Sneaker, a plume calf paneled design with an upscale take on a retro golf shoe, is made intense by the models hand resting delicately upon the wall, casting extra shadow and dimension on the scene. 

The sound of creaking hardwood floors in wainscoted white rooms is instilled in the shots of quintessentially British bohemian shoes, which move, run and dance to tell the story of the contemporary English shoe.

Church's Spring 2022
Church's Spring 2022

Creative Director | Susanna Cucco
Photographer | Jack Davison
Models | Hugh Laughton-Scott, Grace Musase
Stylist | Agata Belcen
Hair | Mari Ohashi
Makeup | Niamh Quinn

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