CK One 'Everyone' Spring 2020 Ad Campaign Photos

CK One

'Everyone' Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Calvin Klein continues to blur the distinction between selflessness and selfishness with a campaign that has us seeing double.

Highlighting the brand’s CK One underwear collection and new CK Everyone fragrance, the short film uses impressive digital editing to multiply its models and have them come face to face with their own selves. Voiceovers from the cast of young interdisciplinary creatives celebrate what they love about themselves as they strip down and confront their clones.

The print campaign solidifies the same motifs, featuring seamless group shots composed of a single person. At first glance it seems like a normal ensemble photo, but a moment of revelation and reflection comes when we realize who is who. The statements of self-love form an aura or frame around the composition of bodies, thus unifying an understanding of the self through language and an understanding of the self through body.

Calvin Klein’s image has always drawn power from a seductive tension between self-love and total vanity, often blurring the boundaries between a celebration of self and an affirmation of selfishness. With its smart use of digital editing, this campaign pushes that tension into an increasingly cyberpunk future. As things like augmented reality and face filters proliferate, one’s sense of self in relation to one’s own body can become nebulous. Will technology help us come into ourselves, or will we become unrecognizable to ourselves? Through this campaign, Calvin Klein optimistically embraces the former. We hope they are right.

CK One 'Everyone' Spring 2020 Ad Campaign Photos
CK One 'Everyone' Spring 2020 Ad Campaign Photos

Creative Director | Ferdinando Verderi
Photographer | Glen Luchford
Talents | Priddy the Opp, Cara Taylor, Eliot Sumner, Evan Mock, Parker Van Noord, & MLMA
Stylist | Camilla Nickerson
Casting Director | Ashley Brokaw