Closed Fall 2019 Ad Campaign with Tasha Tilberg by Stefan Heinrichs


Fall 2019 Ad Campaign with Tasha Tilberg by Stefan Heinrichs

Making yourself at home is not restricted to the framework of a house. One of the most important things about the clothes you wear is that once you step inside those favorite jeans or sweater, you are comfortable with yourself and, in a sense, feel at home. Considering this, it makes perfect sense to why photographer Stefan Heinrichs choose to capture Tasha Tilberg at home for the Closed fall 2019 campaign. 

Stefan Heinrichs’s work is often fixated on expressing the same intimacy and honesty that comes with comfort.  In capturing subjects, Heinrich says that he is drawn to how one interacts in their own living environments as it can differ between the action of societal life. Through Closed’s playful, yet down-to-earth campaign, Heinrich captures the interaction of home and self. His ability to capture purity and ease of Tasha Tilberg’s actions in Closed’s campaign video and images lead to an inspiration of finding comfort in clothing—even the luxury kind.

As we follow around Tasha Tilberg, the same comfort shown by her interaction with the house’s countertops, kitchens, and couches is transmitted into our own experience. The lens of Stefan Heinrichs’s work in the Closed fall campaign inspires the discovery of finding home through a pair of jeans. 

Photographer | Stefan Heinrichs
Model | Tasha Tilberg

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