Closed Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos


Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Closed Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer David Roemer with Model Amber Valletta

Model Amber Valletta and photographer David Roemer deconstruct the fashion photoshoot in a new Spring 2021 campaign for Closed that feels both playful and thoughtful.

Through both the campaign film and photographs, the imagery focuses on the creation of fashion imagery itself. Wearing the new collection’s elegant yet effortless mix of dresses, summer suits, and knit sets, Valletta poses in a studio space where we can see camera equipment and other elements of the production process. In some of the images, we can see members of the crew moving around or offering her a snack in between takes.

Soundtracked by a dramatic string quartet piece, the film deepens this same sense of process-as-piece, paying close attention to the preparation, movement, and in-between moments that go into making the project. The campaign thus feels uniquely alive and self-referential.

Being of course deeply interested in the production process ourselves, we are so happy to see it celebrated here with both artful sensitivity and playful irreverence. Art is at its heart, after all, about play, and we love to see Closed be playfully serious and seriously playful.

Photographer | David Roemer
Model | Amber Valletta
Stylist | Jarrod Lacks
Hair | Teddy Charles
Makeup | Mélanie Inglessis
Set Designer | Daniel Horowitz