Coach 1941 Fall 2018 Fashion Show Set

Coach 1941 | Fall 2018 | The Set-Up

Under the creative direction of Stuart Vevers, the Coach Fall 2018 show took a rather dark, sinister approach. Set designer Stefan Beckman dressed the runway with a forest of eerie, bare trees that called to mind the famous 1999 film Blair Witch Project.

In the cult favorite film, three friends go missing in the Black Hills of Maryland while in the process of shooting a documentary. Their doomed tale is then retold through recovered footage. This spooky film maintains high levels of spook and mystery, themes clearly present in Beckman’s creepy set.

The set embodied a mysterious, dark tone, having been situated in a dimly lit forest. Smoke hauntingly hovered above piles of autumn leaves and vintage school televisions dispersed across the set.