Coach Opens New Store at The Shops at Hudson Yards


Opens New Store at The Shops at Hudson Yards

Ever since it was founded in 1941, the fashion house at Coach has built a longstanding reputation for modern luxury and esteem. The brand depicts a certain authenticity and poise in the industry that’s hard to forget. It has manifested itself — thus far, through “quality craftsmanship” and “confident New York style”.

And nothing says New York style like the unveiling of the brand’s new store, located at The Shops at Hudson Yards. This represents Coach’s first accessories shop in New York — the place they call home.

A new home for modern craftsmanship and innovative experiences, the venue comprises of everything from new design elements to interactive and immersive spaces — while remaining true to New York’s classy and high-spirited aura.

Coach’s new store draws inspiration from a diversified market of modern-day consumers. It includes activities such as Coach Create, where guests are immersed in the brand’s design-it-yourself experiences. Here, they are able to personalize merchandise such as bags, small leather goods and sneakers, given a wide variety of embellishments.

This store location at The Shops at Hudson Yards is also the first to present the latest installment of Coach Create, featuring the brand’s new made-to-order sneaker experience. Customers can go through Coach’s interactive app and design a pair of C101 sneakers, provided with an assortment of colors, laces, charms and patches to play with.