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Coach Launches “Space” a Limited Edition Capsule Collection

Coach has lifted off and launched a classic space themed capsule collection into our orbit. The collection is themed around the wonders of discovery and inter-galactic exploration, which it showcases with embellishments and patches featuring astronauts, planets, UFOs, and rocket ships. The collection also features a distinctive throwback feeling with its use of old school 70’s NASA logos and even an apparent X-Files reference in the form of an “I Believe” UFO patch on one of the bags. The brand’s iconic mascot Rexy even makes an appearance wearing a spacesuit on some of the embellishments and accessories.

There is much to explore in this expansive collection, which features everything from handbags, clutches, cross-body bags, wallets, pins, and patches to shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and shoes. This fun, out of this world collection is something new and fresh for the brand and is an excellent play to the millennials who have recently accused the brand of being “boring.”

Alongside the collection Coach released a brief 30-second video showing off the featured clothes, bags and accessories. Like the collection itself the video is quirky and spacey featuring models floating and counting down to liftoff in front of some extraterrestrial backgrounds. This interstellar collection is available now on Coach’s website, but act fast because unlike outer space this collection is limited.