Coach Spring 2019 Ad Campaign


Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

Let’s rewind a bit. Coach started off as an American heritage leathergoods brand, crafted in New York out of durable leather in 1941. Since then, the house has transitioned from sales of $6 million in 1979, to $30 million in 1985 when it was sold to a food group holding company of all things, Sara Lee. After baking for a while as part of Sara lee’s offering, the company was taken out of the oven as a public spin-off in 2000. Seventeen years later Coach birthed a holding company, Tapestry, who in turn acquired Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman with the goal of being one of the first fashion luxury conglomerates based in the US of A.

That foundation has instilled Coach as a culture that embraces change, evident by the latest Spring 2019 ad campaign lead by Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers, Creative Director Fabien Baron, and Photographer Craig McDean. While the layout of the campaign and thematic design play into the previous campaigns, the change isrepresented in what is being shown as the Coach of today is very much a holistic designer brand with as much footing in ready-to-wear as in leathergoods. Not an easy transition. The triad of creatives has done a stellar job of covering all the bases in the latest, well balanced, campaign with as much emphasis on the core heritage as the soft felinity of the clothes styled by Jane How.

The campaign feels a bit like a return to fashion after last seasons heavy focus on celebrity spokesperson over models. The Impression favors the later as it gives the house more diversity and memorable edge which we believe will become crucial to maintain marketshare in 2019. Models mixed with influencers make up the cast which includes Adut Akech, Fran Summers, Guan Xiaotong, Indira Scott, Kiki Willems, Kiko Mizuhara and Sora Choi. The Los Angeles staging is a combination of Route 66 meets traveling carnival with a dry wind providing just the right touch of wisp.

Spring 2019 is inspired by the American west. It’s about possibility, adventure and romance—and places where anything can happen.

Stuart Vevers,Coach Creative Director 

Which brings us back to the house itself. Coach is a label where anything can happen. Hope, possibility, and change are in the air. It is … The American Dream.

Coach Creative Director | Stuart Vevers
Agency | Baron & Baron
Creative Director | Fabien Baron
Photographer | Craig McDean
Models | Adut Akech, Fran Summers, Guan Xiaotong, Indira Scott, Kiki Willems, Kiko Mizuhara & Sora Choi
Stylist | Jane How
Hair | Paul Hanlon
Makeup | Diane Kendal
Location | Los Angeles