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Coco de Mer & Sotheby’s to stage Second Erotic Auction – Passion & Desire

On February 15th, Coco de Mer and Sotheby’s will stage their second erotic auction, Passion & Desire. In the auction house’s second edition sale, Pre-Columbian sculpture will be paired with Picasso works on paper; photography masters from Man Ray to Rankin will be set against 19th century marbles and antique reliefs; Gustav Klimt’s sensual eroticism will be next to Keith Vaughn’s unrestricted erotic fantasies; each work showing the history of the subject from antiquity to modern times.

Coco de Mer brought Rankin into this year’s auction, creating a film to showcase the Sale artworks, getting bidders excited. Well known for his work on the human form, Rankin has contributed three of his evocative portraits to the auction; And God Created Eva II, 2003, Pin Me Up, 2012, and Stefani Reclining, 2016.

Coco de Mer is co-hosting the exclusive Private View at Sotheby’s gallery on Feb. 14th. This year’s auction will be accompanied by Erotic Art Online sale, which is now open for bidding until Feb. 16th. This sale includes: prints, photographs, paintings, sculpture, drawings, Asian works of art, and film posters.

Director |  Rankin 
Executive Producer | Nicola Kenney 
Producer | Joshua Parsons 
Full Service
Creative Director | Russell Weaver 
Creative Team |  Zish Alexander & Ant Jackson 
DOP | Tony Miller 

Hair | Nick Irwin  
Makeup | Marco Antonio  
Stylist |  Anna Hughes- Chamberlain 
Models |  Tatiana & Hassan