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Constance C.R. White’s Book ‘How to Slay’ : Inspiration from the Queens & Kings of Black Style

Constance C.R. White announces the release of her second book How to Slay: Inspiration from the Queens and Kings of Black Style. The book explores the foundation of black style illustrated through dramatic fashion photography moments from the past thirty-five years that have influenced cultural trends and fashion seen on celebrity icons from Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Beyonce, to Maya Angelou and Michelle Obama.

“There are more than two dozen photographers work included and we combed through the work of more than 100 photographers from major creators in fashion to emerging talents.” – Constance White

Being the first black Executive Editor at Elle Magazine, White has a unique perspective on how African-American style can be presented in it’s own light and showcase styles influenced by Africa, vast color palettes, inclusion of personality within clothing itself, and the simple beauty of dark skin.

“I’d like people to see How To Slay as something they have on their coffee table to enjoy and that says something about them. I want creative and marketing professionals and CEOs to have it as a reference, an inspiration and a cultural touchstone that says they care about doing their jobs well by being informed.”
– Constance White


White pulled inspiration from designers, to sports legends, to musicians, and actors that have cultivated a captive audience eager to see their most recent style endeavors. The people highlighted in the book have all had a lasting impact on the infrastructure and evolution of fashion to date. This 224 page publication so beautifully tells the story of how today’s fashion has been so heavily influenced by black icons. It is a representation of how this style is put together in a way that is unlike anything else in the fashion world. Black style is so widely recorded and remarked in society because of the many celebrities, models, musicians, and influencers who are so impactful on the actions and minds of passionate fashion lovers on a global scale.

On February 6th, experience the intriguing array of images and observations so tastefully displayed in Constance C.R. White’s latest venture, How to Slay: Inspiration from the Queens and Kings of Black Style.

Available to purchase at Rizzoli