Coperni Launches New Interactive Arcade on Instagram

Originally founded in 2013, the label Coperni was put on hold by its creators Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, after they were appointed artistic directors of the revamped heritage fashion brand Courrèges in 2015. Marking the end of a four-year hiatus, Coperni is back with technical innovations and the launch of their new women’s ready-to-wear and accessories collection.

Rather than utilizing a traditional runway, the duo chose to debut their Fall 2019 Collection on Instagram. Last March, Coperni introduced the collection with ‘Copernize Your Life’, an interactive adventure written and directed by Cécile Winckler (Founder of Unemployed Magazine). As a follow-up to this first project, Coperni is launching the ‘Coperni Arcade’, a series of interactive games to play on Instagram Stories.

‘Coperni Arcade’ was directed by French visual artist and film director Alexandre Silberstein, and is described by the press release as follows:

“Tap to dress” to dress a model walking in a sci-fi universe,“Tap to catch” to catch the logo Coperni, “Tap to unlock” to understand the origin of the Swipe bag.”

As pictured to the left, “Tap to dress” allows viewers to discover Coperni’s newest suits, shirts, bags and shoes in a game featuring models with interchangeable clothing items. The game shows models as 3-dimensional paper dolls on a wireframe matrix, and gives users the power to mix and match pieces from the collection. This interactive project supports the arrival of the Fall 2019 collection in stores and continues to establish Meyer and Vaillant as innovators in the unique space where fashion and technology meet.

While many a fashion house has laid claim to being digital innovators and focusing on Instagram narrative as an example, the designers of Coperni have delivered with gamification.

Coperni Creative Directors | Sebastien Meyer & Arnaud Vaillant
Instagram Director | Alexandre Silberstein