Corneliani | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Corneliani’s latest Fall 2018 Ad Campaign takes a spin with creative director Pablo Arroyo and photographer by Daniel Riera.

Models Hamilton Seguin, Max Townsend, and Bastian Thiery, are featured entering cars sporting the houses latest outerwear collection.

The focus of this campaign was on the theme of memories as the viewer is situated as the driver of the car. The smallest details have the greatest memories like just before you’re about to drive off on an adventure.

The brand is all about underlining life’s moments with style and sophistication and The Impression applauds Pablo Arroyo’s on an original approach. Cementing that life’s special moments are linked to the tiny details like the clothes you’re wearing, styling life through elegant and refined moments. Every occasion deserves refinement.

It’s the little things that mean the most to us and Corneliani realizes that. Whether it be a street corner or a coffee shop, each triggers emotions and memories that mean something to us. Even just getting into a car wearing your favorite clothing can take you on an adventure and lead to a special memory.

Creative Director | Pablo Arroyo
Photographer | Daniel Riera

Stylist | Julian Ganio 
Models | Hamilton Seguin, Max Townsend, Bastian Thiery
Hair | Terry Saxon 


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