COS Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos


Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Simplicity can often be mistaken for boredom, or lackadaisical work, but in the case of COS and their latest campaign, it’s the exact opposite. With added pops of color, the film and photographs by Zoë Ghertner are a continuation of the house’s efforts to create staple designs for everyday people.

The modern wardrobe is at the center of the shoot, with a diverse set of talents showing off each piece. The short film, though slightly repetitive given it’s length, does a great job at personifying the brand’s message of timelessness. Along with the images, the shoot depicts a handful of people dressed in the simple, mostly neutral designs, against a white background. But, the pops of color provided by a select few of the pieces are what allow the campaign itself to stand out.

These types of designs, shown off in this simple fashion, is what makes the brand so timeless. They are appealing to several walks of life, putting immense thought and care into what appears to be a straightforward campaign.

In sticking to the basics, while allowing a peek-a-boo from the more elusive world of neons and metallics, the unique fashion brand is setting themselves apart from all others. They’re both unique and mainstream, and use both aspects to their advantage. Incorporating ‘timelessness’ into the identity of the brand can be risky, but COS is currently upholding the branding impeccably, and we can’t wait to see where else this takes them.

Photographer/Director | Zoë Ghertner
Models | Freja Beha, George Okeny, & Yang Hao
Stylist | Hannes Hetta
Producer | Art Partner