Courreges Teams with Harley Weir for Self Photographed Lookbook for Resort 2020


looks into the future by turning its gaze on itself

Heralding the launch of the house’s Resort 2020 campaign/lookbook, Courreges creative director Yolanda Zobel has once again collaborated with photographer Harley Weir for a pre-campaign titled HerSelf. This time the pair eschew the traditional idea of a model, a human canvas onto which fantasy is projected, and cast Weir herself as the star of the campaign.

Weir’s sensitive and often challenging work examines such themes as body and self-image, mundanity and vitality, freedom and femininity. The campaign photographs, taken by Weir in her home in London, offer intimate glimpses into everyday moments of self-expression: she poses in a garden window, snaps a selfie in the mirror. One image makes brilliant use of angle and light, imbuing a tangle of limbs and printed cotton with an air of breezy confidence.

With this campaign, Courreges continue to affirm their legacy as one of the most progressive and forward-thinking brands in fashion. Creating a space for Weir to work on both sides of the camera and fostering that creativity highlights their commitment to self-expression and self-determination. Under the courageously creative leadership of Yolanda Zobel, the house embraces a future that is sure to be characterized by self-expression and female freedom.

Courreges Creative Director | Yolanda Zobel
Photographer/Model | Harley Weir