'Sunset' Spring 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Courrèges ‘Sunset’ Spring 2023 Ad Campaign by Creative Director of Courrèges Nicolas Di Felice with Director Torso Solutions with models Amelia Gray, Apolline Rocco Fohrer, Divine Mugisha, Tom Rey

Courrèges unearths modern style from historic inspiration with a sci-fi fantasy-inflected campaign for its new Sunset collection. The campaign was led by the brand’s creative director Nicolas Di Felice with direction from creative firm Torso Solutions.

The campaign continues to develop on the visual motif of sand that characterized the brand’s Spring 2023 runway show – which featured one of the most spectacular and technically impressive set designs we’ve seen in recent years. But while the show’s giant hourglass seemed to suggest time slipping away, the campaign explores a theme of reemergence and discovery. Dressed in Courrèges sleek and tough designs for the season, as well as the warm gradients of the Sunset summer capsule, models emerge from a windswept sand dune as if, like hidden archaeological treasures, they have been buried for centuries. The electronic soundtrack repeats a vocal sample that whispers “star again,” further pushing the theme of renewal.

The campaign feels like a powerful manifesto of Courrèges’ modern renaissance. André Courrèges’ futuristic designs helped to define the space-age aesthetic of the 60s, and while they still feel futuristic today, the half-decade that has passed has served to imbue the brand with a historical character, giving the brand a distinct retro-futurist feel.

Exploring how the creativity of the past still has much life and expression to give when considered in a contemporary context, the campaign is a visionary celebration of endless artistic renewal.

Courrèges Creative Director | Nicolas Di Felice
Director | Torso Solutions
Models | Amelia Gray, Apolline Rocco Fohrer, Divine Mugisha, Tom Rey
Stylist | Marie Chaix
Hair | Joseph Pujalte
Makeup | Anthony Preel
Casting Director | Piergiorgio Del Moro, DM Casting, Helena Balladino
Music | Erwan Sene and Hyd
Production | Division Global

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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