Daily Paper Ancestral Anarchy fall 2021 ad Campaign

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'Ancestral Anarchy' Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Daily Paper ‘Ancestral Anarchy’ Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer Florian Joahn

Daily Paper looks to the past to reshape the future with a new campaign that embodies radical values of communal leadership. Titled “Ancestral Anarchy,” the Fall 2021 campaign features photography by Florian Joahn.

The new collection and campaign explore the social philosophy of African anarchism. The collection’s tribal motifs and patterns pay homage to the communal values that existed in tribal societies across the continent in pre-colonial times. Meanwhile, modern elements like puffer jackets and suiting reflect a contemporary Pan-African diaspora experience and reassert the importance of these values for modern times.

Joahn’s campaign imagery channels this idea of collective community through group shots and thoughtfully deployed mirror setups. He captures his subjects in group compositions against a dark studio backdrop, which creates energetic contrast with the collection’s bright colors. Smart use of mirrors multiplies the figures into a celebratory visual rhythm and emphasizes the motif of a community echoing across time.

It’s exciting to see a fashion brand share a social and political message that feels somewhat radical.

The word “anarchy” today has a very specific and generally negative connotation for many people – but Daily Paper shows that this idea of not having a ruler makes way for a truly democratic society, a supportive tribal community focused on group decision-making, like the one we see here. This message becomes especially important in its connection to Black identity, as more people are becoming aware of the racism and power imbalance within post-colonial power structures, and looking toward alternative forms of self-governance. The collection and campaign provide an uplifting vision that embodies this rebellion and possibility by imagining what such a community might look and feel like.

Drawing on overlooked greatness of the past, Daily Paper provides a beautiful image of what the future could look like.

Daily Paper Creative Directors | Hussein Suleiman, Jefferson Osei, and Abderrahmane Trabsini
Photographer/Director | Florian Joahn
Talents | Chloe, Madinath, Levaï, Patricia, Nikki, Salif, Calis and Jairo
Stylist | JeanPaul Paula 
Hair | Keanna Williams 

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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