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Harlem tailor Dapper Dan opens a new atelier on Lenox Avenue, with the help of Gucci, which will provide raw materials, fabrics, and prints to the designer.


Dapper Dan’s Harlem studio atelier is open for business once again and this time with the help of Gucci.

The Harlemite who this year fronted the Italian fashion house’s men’s tailoring campaign, closed his original shop, Dapper Dan’s Boutique, twenty-five years ago, and on the anniversary of the sad affair, Dan and Gucci have opened a 4,700-square-foot atelier on Lenox Avenue that shares both Dapper Dan and Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s respective aesthetics.

Dan produced bespoke pieces for clients in his previous studio, using fabrics and prints from the world’s top fashion houses. One of his former pieces, a fur coat with sleeves made from Louis Vuitton leather bags that was designed for Olympic gold medalist Diane Dixon, bore a resemblance with one of Michele’s designs for Gucci that debuted in May this year. Four months after the jacket debuted, Gucci tapped Dan to be the face of its men’s tailoring campaign this year and announced that it will help Dan open a new studio in Harlem.

The new studio, which completed renovation and restoration in 2014, features red boiserie wall panels and a white decorative tin ceiling on the ground level, leather and wood furnishing in each room and European vintage furniture and accessories and Persian rugs in the salon space.

Details such as crown moldings, decorative millwork and pocket doors have been left intact in the space and date back to its original designer, A.B. Van Dusen, who designed the location for Edward Roberts in 1887. The studio also features archival photos to share the tailor’s history and relevance on fashion and culture.


“Everyone paid homage to Dapper Dan,
but no one ever paid him.
The people have spoken
and Gucci has listened.
Nothing has been more significant
in the Harlem cultural scene
than Alessandro and Gucci
coming to Harlem
and partnering with Dapper Dan.”
– Dapper Dan

Dan will produce new bespoke garments in his studio, using Gucci raw materials, fabrics, prints, embroidered patches and hardware. In addition, Gucci and Dapper Dan will produce a capsule for the Gucci Fall 2018 collection.

Images Courtesy of Gucci, Renell Medrano