David Koma Resort 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

David Koma

David Koma Resort 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of David Koma Resort 2021 Ad Campaign by Polina Zakh, Komron Komron & Evgeny Mezhibovskiy

David Koma transformed travel restrictions into otherworldly possibilities for his Resort 2021 campaign. Working entirely remotely, he assembled a global team of creatives and digital artists – including art director Polina Zakh and CG designers Komron Komron and Evgeny Mezhibovskiy – to create a strange and fantastical digital presentation.

Known for his sculptural, form-fitting dresses, the London-based designer is staying on the forefront of fashion presentation with the new digitally rendered campaign.

We’ve seen some labels, like Marine Serre and TTSWTRS, begin to make exciting use of computer generated imagery partly as a response to the difficulties presented by lockdown restrictions to making traditional campaigns. While most artists who use virtual models have used scanning technology to mimic real models as closely as possible, Koma’s virtual model is built entirely from scratch. She looks almost dated in comparison, hearkening back to earlier days of computer animation and video game graphics. It also makes the work feel unique and beautifully bizarre.

Koma named his first digital protagonist Tamar M, in a nod to the 12th century Queen Tamar of Georgia. The first woman to rule Koma’s motherland, Tamar is known for her power and intellect that elevated the country to its zenith in the Middle Ages.

David Koma Resort 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Tamar M is captured from angles reminiscent of those of a traditional runway as she walks through a digital dreamscape that is anything but. She walks steadily through a shifting scene, first on a strange spacecraft, then across a barren desert, through an ominously shimmering cave, until she finally emerges into paradise-like oasis. While the digital appearance of Tamar herself feels intentionally outmoded and unrealistic (perhaps we could call her post-realistic?), the production team also deploys some cutting-edge fluid and fabric effects to create scintillatingly surreal environments.

Reconnecting the digital with nature, a bespoke organic soundscape makes the film come alive. From the trilling birdsong to the subtle flutter of butterfly wings, the sounds were recorded outdoors, around the British Isles. Even the percussion effects, heard throughout the film, were created by tapping a wooden bat on the tree trunks in Epping Forest, just outside of London.

With its interesting combination of personal elements – the reference to Koma’s cultural heritage and soundscape drawn from his current home – and technology and imagery that feels suggestive of transhumanism, the campaign perfectly nails its intention of realizing a heady, escapist, digital daydream. We are all the more excited to see what gets dreamed up next.

David Koma Resort 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos
David Koma Resort 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Campaign Film (above) and Film Stills (below)

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Art Director | Polina Zakh
CG designers | Komron Komron & Evgeny Mezhibovskiy
CG Model | Tamar M

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